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Reiten Inc. the original manufacturer of high quality aluminum truck boxes for grain, gravel or fill dirt haulers.
The Superscraper from Reiten Inc. is a versatile and rugged unit than can be used for common yet demanding tasks like leveling driveways, farm yards, and fields. Or you might want to use it for moving snow, cleaning barnyards and draining low spots.

This locally designed and manufactured Superscraper features a replaceable cutting edge, heavy 3/8" wall x 5" square tube tongue and a frame fabricated from 1/4" and 3/8" plate steel. Additional weight can added by filling the 12" diameter rear tube with cement.

The Reiten Superscraper is available in 3 versatile working widths of 10 ft., 12 ft., 14 ft.

Each width is available with the optional Slope Angling Systemscraper_front
The wheel spindles are rated at 3500 pounds and come equipped with 6:70 x 15" tires.

The Superscraper requires a standard 3" x 8" of larger hydraulic cylinder for lift and depth control.  Hydraulic lift cylinder, hoses and jack stand are available as optional equipment.

Reiten Inc. ships each unit completely assembled.

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