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Reiten Inc. the original manufacturer of high quality aluminum truck boxes for gravel, fill dirt and other loose cargo.

dump_upOur rugged all aluminum dump bodies have less overall weight then steel bodies which helps hold down fuel cost and time, by allowing you to deliver more load per trip.

Research and years of experience mandates that we use special aerospace quality hardened aluminum alloys for durability, wear-ability and resistance to fracture to construct our dump bodies.  Given this, we proudly claim that with a Reiten truck body you gain a lightweight and extremely durable box that saves you maintenance costs in the long run.

Whether you are reconfiguring your fleet or outfitting new trucks you can't afford to ignore the benefits of an all aluminum Reiten dump body.


  1. Floor - ¼" with formed angular fit to side sheet reinforces rigidity and allows cleaner, faster unloading.
  2. Longmembers - ¼" double forms, welded angles on 34" centers with internal gussets and 6" reinforcing channel near front. ¼" formed steel mounting plate at hinge mounting area.
  3. Rearmembers - ¼" L-section 10" x 2 ½" supports floor at tailgate opening.
  4. Sides - 3/16" integrally formed with self-cleaning lower rub-rail.
  5. Top-angle - 3/16" formed into heavy duty 4 ¼" x 4 ¼" boxed top-rail for more rigid sides.
  6. Rear Corner Posts - ¼" post with 16" bottom, tapers to 10" top to eliminate side buckling during spreading.
  7. Side Board Pockets - Provided for 2" planking, allows for increased load capacity.
  8. Head - 3/16" front, height is variable depending upon hoist model.
  9. Hoist Bracket - 1/4" and 5/8" steel plate assembly is tapered and wedge fitted and then bolted to 1/4" aluminum hoist housing.
  10. Upper Tailgate Hardware - Offset type hinge is flame cut from 1" steel plate and bolted to rear post and tailgate.
  11. Lower Tailgate Hardware - Positive, over-center lock of 3/4" steel plate bolted to floor. 1 ¼" steel tailgate pin.
  12. Tailgate - ¼" straight style, 47" x 87½".
  13. Tailgate Braces - 3/16" x 3" x 3" boxed channel forms top and vertical braces.  Center and bottom braces are 3" deep with 4" face and 6" spread for self-cleaning.
  14. Inside Width - 85½"
  15. Outside Width - 96"


Cap Shield - 19" with 12" of height adjustment - bolt or weld into place. Light & Wiring Kits - Fully enclosed wiring meets state and federal standards.
Side Extensions - Double taper, full taper or straight. Tailgate Controls - Manual or air actuated.

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